9 Best Puzzle Books & Tools That Helps Your Brain

9 Best Puzzle Books & Tools That Helps Your Brain

Solving puzzles aren’t only fun but helpful for brain development as well. Logic puzzle books are books containing puzzles, for example, crossword puzzles, word puzzles, etc. These puzzle books test your logic and your IQ. It is a type of exercise for your brain that helps develop your cognitive functions and thinking ability. The more you solve these puzzles, the sharper your mind becomes. Puzzle books are also used to make your concentrate better and increase your attention. If you have children, you can give them these books as gifts. Today, we have compiled some of the best puzzle books collection to help you bonding time with your kids by assisting them in solving these puzzles.

A Criminal Mind Puzzles Book 

If you like crime shows and thrillers and looking for a game to channel your inner Sherlock, here it is. This game has plenty of visual and verbal crime-themed puzzles that need to be cracked. The specialty of this puzzle book game is that you will never get bored or tired of it. The game isn’t that easy, so prepare yourself to give your best. It’s a must-have book for playing with family and friends. You can play this game ain parties as well. Be the best detective your circle has seen, now is the chance.

Montague Island Mysteries By And Other Logic Puzzles 

Another sleuth game to help you beat the boredom! This book is unique, and the exterior look speaks for itself. This book is written by the former editor of Games magazine, R Wayne Schmittberger. What’s more remarkable about this book is that this game is in the form of a novel, but unlike the novel’s characters you read, you will play the character. The game follows a group of friends who meet to play murder-mystery games at a wealthy couple’s island home. The game starts with this, to uncover the truth, you need to solve the puzzles. It feels as if you are inside a novel suddenly and role-playing. 

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Does your kid love to solve tricky riddles? Challenge them by giving them this book. The purpose of this book is to make children use their brains to solve puzzles. This book is designed to test their logic, cognitive ability, and memory. Some puzzles are challenging than others, so make sure the children don’t get sad or lose hope if they fail. Challenge them to do better next time. But no cheating! The answers are already given at the back of the book. If you or your kids cannot find a solution, take a sneak peek, we won’t tell everyone! 

Return to Montague Island More Mysteries and Logic Puzzles

After its predecessor’s massive success, the writer and Montague Island makers came out with a new collection called Return to Montague Island. The story will be set as the sequel of the first novel-themed puzzle book game. The story starts with a group of friends meeting to play murder-mystery games in yet another island mansion but this time with a twist. The game features coded messages, blueprints, maps, dartboards, and various objects that you need to study and find out. Like the previous one, this book is thrilling, and we hope you enjoy this one as well.

Spock’s Logic Puzzles

Star Trek fans gather around! Mr. Spock is in the house, and he is here to test your logic. Mr. Spock’s main strength is his quick and logical thinking and problem-solving ability without being emotional. Can you be as calculative as Mr. Spock? Well, we will see that. This logic puzzle book lets you think like Mr.Spock and throws challenges at you in order to solve them. Solve 100 riddles, conundrums and observe minute clues that will help you move forward.

Funster 1000+ Sudoku Puzzles

Funster 1000+ Sudoku Puzzles - Sprightly

When talking about brain training games, why should sudoku stay behind? So, I have got you a sudoku puzzle that anyone can play from beginners to pros. Sudoku keeps your mind focused and busy and helped you find a solution even in that complexity. It constantly challenges you to think and rethink. While playing sudoku, you will always be aware and engaged. If you are a problem solver and love solving puzzle games, this game is for you. Aren’t you a great Sudoku player!

Mind Puzzles for Kids Ages 10-12

Want to give gifts to your child on his birthday? Will he be 10-12 this year? If you answered yes to both the questions, we have a perfect gamebook for you. Mind Puzzles is a book filled with numerous games and puzzles that will keep your little sunshine busy. This book’s complex puzzle helps your child’s brain to develop and think better. You can play with him to increase your concentration also as this game is quite refreshing. You just need to place stars into some cells in the grid so that all the row and column contains the same amount of starts, kind of like sudoku but minus the complexity. 

Sherlock Holmes Puzzles

Talking about sleuth games and Sherlock doesn’t emerge is something we can’t even expect. If you are a Sherlock fan and love to role-play as him, you can do so with this puzzle gamebook. It’s all about deduction! In this game, you will be deducing clues and generate a solution from them. Interesting isn’t it? The book features classic puzzle games such as riddles, jigsaws, quizzes, fill in the blanks, crossword puzzles, and lots more. Play this unique clue hunting game and show Mr. Sherlock Holmes, who is the boss! The game contains elements that are refreshing to play and doesn’t require overwhelming your brain. 

BePuzzled Padlock Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser

And we have saved the most frustrating brain development game for the last. This padlock cast metal brain teaser annoyingly teases you. The padlock will make you feel that your brain is locked with a similar padlock like this. Mind you, it’s not easy to solve at all! Many loved it, some got frustrated, and some never played because who wants to lose? It’s like a modern version of Rubik’s cube but more complicated. It’s not easy to twist and turn and open. If you think you are a pro at solving puzzles, we challenge you to crack open the padlock. Do you accept?

So, that was the list of best logical puzzle books and gadgets. If any of these gears got you interested, go and buy now. You will get all the products on this list on Amazon, so hurry up before the stock runs out.